You can rely on the use of a single accessory across your entire bottling line to turn over containers such as jars, vases, cans, etc. for easy marking or thorough inspection on their bottom side.

We are talking about the “twister”, a device that is extremely simple to use: it is placed on the conveyor belt to enable the upside-down rotation of accumulated products by up to 180°. 360° rotation can be achieved using two twisters placed one after the other, appropriately spaced according to your requirements.

We can also supply the twisters as one piece for easy application on any type of machine, offering maximum reliability and durability over time.

System to overturn or lay down bottles, cans and flasks, exploiting the thrust of the load and without the use of a feed screw.

A system that uses gravity to rotate containers, whether full or empty, by 180°.

A rotation system entirely customised to your bottling needs.