Environmental sustainability comes about in the production lines through recyclable containers. The intelligent solutions of CRM Engineering.

Jan 25, 2024

Environmental sustainability today is a more than ever tangible trend. It is a market orientation that is influencing the production modes of companies worldwide. The manufacturing companies that produce consumer products are among the most sensitive to the issue of ecology and are the first who want to equip themselves with production processes that comply with this trend.

Recyclable containers, such as glass and cans, are becoming indispensable elements that add value and imprint the products themselves with a green DNA. For years CRM has won over the trust of many companies in the sector, providing important complementary services to the production lines.

An example is represented by the twist, indispensable tools for inspections, rinsing, controls and marking of recyclable containers.

<<Most of the plant builders make use of our products thanks to the standards we have reached - say Franco and Omar Cisamolo, respectively CEO and Production Manager. These are solutions made with high quality materials, which prove to be durable over time, very functional, easy to inspect and very simple to install without the use of special tools. A mix of excellent features that manufacturers can no longer do without>>.

When we ask Franco and Omar Cisamolo, respectively CEO and Production Manager, what are the greatest results that CRM has achieved over the years, the answer come immediately. Customer satisfaction. The ability to help them develop their business better, thanks to solutions guided by innovation technology and inspired by the concept of flexibility.

The highest level of adaptability is evident during format changes: this, in a word, is the most important of the company's value proposition, which is also the core business of CRM and an element which makes the difference on the market.

Solutions that are highly effective because flexible, fast and adaptable for primary areas of the beverage sector, such as the filling, packaging and labelling processes.

Today the beverage industry, from wine to spirits, from mineral waters to soft drinks, from beers to yoghurt drinks, requires a level of competence and flexibility that can be satisfied only through a flexible approach oriented towards energy efficiency. <<The change of format is a very sensitive issue, on which a large part of the challenge is played and which beverage companies all over the world target – confirm Franco and Omar Cisamolo. CRM has made it its trump card, winning the trust of companies and manufacturers thanks to its level of specialization and ability to create excellent format changes for the entire line: rinsers, cappers, capsulers, overturners, twisters, labelers and much more. Specific all-around solutions, from design to testing, in compliance with regulatory criteria and certification standards that make any company safe>>.

CRM is part of the PE Labellers group, a large manufacturer of automatic labeling machines of the highest level, which made the history of beverage in the world for almost fifty years. CRM, like PE, pursues the objective of adapting its skills and offer to the new production needs of companies the increasingly high-quality standards imposed by the market.

The results are clear. The company puts in place a technological heritage capable of meeting and anticipating very demanding production standards, without ever making compromises. Today CRM enjoys wide acceptance and credibility in the beverage industry, which has been able to increase and protect over time. With great satisfaction of the entire supply chain.

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