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Information on the use of cookies - Cookie policy

Pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR and the Provision of the Personal Data Protection Authority of 8 May 2014, PE Labellers Spa (hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller) provides you with the following information relating to the cookies installed on the domain

What are cookies?

Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on the hard disk of the computer or on any device used by the user to access the Internet (smartphone, tablet), and then retransmitted on subsequent Internet access by the user.

Cookies allow the collection of information on the navigation performed by the user on the website and can be stored permanently on your computer and have a variable duration (persistent cookies), but they can also disappear when the browser is closed or have a limited duration. (so-called session cookies).

Cookies can be installed by the site you are visiting (first-party cookies) or they can be installed by other websites that provide services of various kinds (third-party cookies).

How does the owner use cookies?

- Technical and session cookies

These cookies are essential for navigation throughout the site and for the use of all its features, such as filling out the form for information requests, identifying, storing the user data and purchasing our products. Without these cookies some necessary services cannot be used.

- Analytical cookies

These cookies collect statistical information on how users use the website, for example, which pages are most visited, or the geographic location of visitors. By using our site, the user accepts that these cookies can be stored on their device. This type of cookies is installed using the Google Analytics platform which is not able to detect the user's IP address "in plaintext," having installed a specific anonymization script.

Google Analytics is not able to cross-check the data collected through our site with others in its possession to profile the visitor and propose advertising targeted to his or her consumption habits or in any case to his or her preferences.

For more information on the conditions of use and data protection, you can visit the page

- Third-party cookies

Our site does not use third-party cookies.

How long do cookies remain saved on the user's device?

Cookie nameDomainUseTypeDeadline
_craftsessionidcrmengineering.itSession cookiesTechnicalEnd of session
Site security
End of session
Remember that a visitor has expressly accepted the use of cookies on the site
1 year
Preventing fraud
Third parties
2 years
It provides information on how the end user uses the website and any advertisements that the end user may have seen before visiting the website
Third parties
1 month
Stores user preferences and information each time they visit web pages containing geographic maps of Google Maps
Third parties
2 months
Enable ad serving or retargeting, save user preferences
Third parties
6 months
Counts and tracks the pages visited by users
1 day

To store anonymous statistics
2 years

At the time of accessing the Home Page of the Site, there is a banner that contains brief information. By closing the banner and continuing to browse, you consent to the use of third-party cookies.

The consent to the use of cookies is registered with a “technical cookie.”

You can know the information and how to disable third-party cookies by clicking on the links contained in the previous section.

Finally, you can object to the registration of cookies on your hard disk by configuring your navigation browser to disable cookies. Below are the methods offered by the main browsers:

- Internet Explorer (Cookie management)

- Chrome (Cookie management)

- Firefox (Cookie management)

- Opera (Cookie management)

- Safari (Cookie management)

After this operation, however, some functions of the web pages may not be performed correctly.