Over the years, the company has specialized in design and production of screws, useful to meet customers’ requirements, such as: divide, unite, select and rotate any kind of product of any size and shape (bottles, phials, bricks or tanks).

Screws are useful to divert the course of products in the lines (PICTURE NR. 1 ) handle packing (PICTURE NR.2), create double packs outgoing the screw by rotation or separation (PICTURES NR. 3 AND 4), thus directing the product upon customer’s specific requirements.

Moreover, CRM can also cover “spiral” processing, therefore including industrial pump, mixer, turbine and screw production. (PICTURE NR. 5)

As regards the material used in screw production, CRM can process both plastic and complex materials such as stainless steel (PICTURE NR.6). CRM production is not limited by the materials to be used, for it can produce a wide range of spirals for screws that feature thickness, diameter, length, size and different material upon request.


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