Equipment for change of format

Supplying equipment for change of format for a complete line is unquestionably one of the most successful services the company offers its customers.

CRM Engineering can offer an all-round service inclusive of change of format for bottling lines in order to handle containers; starting from rinsing machines right through labelling machines (cold glue and hot-melt), the company guarantees quality and inexpensive costs.

It can also offer service of change of format in high-speed bottling lines for the liquids sectors, in cylindrical and shaped containers.

Since 1985, CRM Engineering has been producing components for oenological machines. Owing to its extensive experience, CRM Engineering is today an ideal partner to any company in the food, beverage, detergents, pharmaceutical sector, and more who require equipment for change of format.

By accurate analysis on new container samples and records on new equipment used, CRM Engineering can produce a brand new one of equal quality and performance for the whole line (from the filler to the labeler) and for the whole container handling (screws, stars, drives, plates, etc.).

Buying equipment for the change of format not only enables to save remarkably on product costs, but it also brings about benefits deriving from the possibility of having just one referent from design to start-up. The latter factor enables to buy equipment at a starkly lower price and definitely quicker, for the fact that there are no intermediate steps.

The company can produce any kind of components, both plastic and metal, to select, rotate, tilt, line up and group bottles of any shape and size. Screws, stars, counter-stars, heads, plates, glue rolls, are just some but few products that CRM Engineering can produce for you.

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